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Meet The Team

Meet the dynamic duo behind Diamond in the Rough Events. Cousins, Jaden and Monson Flake, hadn't seen each other in years until a series of fortunate events led them to eventually becoming roommates! Through their newfound strong brotherhood, every business venture possible was tested. From flipping washing machines, couches, cars, to starting podcasts, and even a detailing business, nothing was clicking. Eventually, the revelation of Diamond in the Rough came to life! 

As roommates, Monson was working a software sales job and attending online public speaking school, while Jaden was traveling the country doing construction management projects. They both excelled in these fields but never felt fulfilled. They knew their future held something more meaningful. 

While sitting down at dinner with a successful business mentor, Monson had several questions he needed answered in regards to business. Most important to him was figuring out how to start something big without being famous, and without spending all his life's savings. Nobody had ever been able to clearly answer this until this night. His answer struck Monson and started rushing thoughts and ideas through his mind. It had finally clicked. 

Shortly after this, Jaden returned home from a project and Monson quickly pitched the idea for Diamond in the Rough. After brainstorming the idea for several weeks, Jadens company called him in for another project. The money was a guarantee, and Jaden knew it would be financially wise to take the opportunity and not risk his standing with the company. His paths were crossed. On one hand, there was guaranteed money, and on the other, was a risky but potentially life changing venture with his cousin. If you're reading this story, you know what decision he made. 

Monson and Jaden are excited to bring these events to the world, in hopes of finding those just like them, the Diamonds in the Rough.

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